Château Citran

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Noble and bourgeois

When walking in the chateau grounds it is obvious that its history goes further back than the 1855 classification.

Citran is actually one of the Medoc’s oldest seigneuries. Numerous Marquis de Donnissan, related to the family of France, reigned here for 600 years and only abandoned their chateau in the middle of the 18th century.

Since then the chateau has gone through different phases. The various owners and the general financial crisis meant that the surface of the vineyards varied between 90 hectares to less than 4 hectares. The wine’s quality reflected these fluctuations.
Things got better in 1945 when the Miailhe brothers bought the property.

Ten years ago a serious boost in the research for quality was set in motion. An accumulation of hard work and the huge investments initiated by the precedent Japanese owners brought Citran back towards the Haut Medoc elite.

This transition was carried through under the leadership of the new and exacting owners.

The Merlaut-Villars family is well known in the Medoc. They are true connoisseurs of wine and land.

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