Group TAILLAN, sole shareholder of OSOYOOS LAROSE

Group TAILLAN, sole shareholder of OSOYOOS LAROSE

Group TAILLAN becomes sole shareholder of OSOYOOS LAROSE following purchase of CONSTELLATION BRANDS stake.

The result of a partnership forged in 1998 between Group TAILLAN of France and VINCOR INTERNATIONAL (which became Constellation Brands Canada in 2012), the 32 ha OSOYOOS LAROSE vineyard produces remarkable wines from classic Bordeaux varietals.

From an exceptional bench overlooking Osoyoos Lake in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, wines of extraordinary quality are now being produced through centuries-old Bordeaux winemaking techniques.

Mathieu MERCIER, a native Bordeaux winemaker, is now harvesting this year’s highly promising vintage, seconded by Pierre MAUGET, vineyard manager for Groupe Taillan.

Former Vincor Québec president Roger PROVOST has joined the Governing Board and brings his considerable expertise to the table.

Groupe Taillan is pursuing its development strategy in the wine industry and is leading the new team in its drive to position OSOYOOS LAROSE as the next standard in great Canadian red wines.

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